KR Wright is a UK-based fantasy writer. They write fantasy novels that focus on queer protagonists and writes works that promote diversity. They are currently working on multiple serials in the fantasy and genre. Their works are influenced by the fantasy novels they devoured as a child, including Tamora Pierce, Tad Williams, and Terry Pratchett.

    KR always has several projects on the go. They currently have The Accidental Prince, a contemporary romance, The Mortician of Avalon a 'cosmic horror romance' and Freedom's Pyre, a dark fantasy series available on Tapas.io. Their currently ongoing projects include Vee, an antifa love story set against the backdrop of war.



    Kit Derore is the brother of the Chosen One. He has known since he was young that his purpose in life is to protect his Mage brother - even if it costs him his life. When his brother finally starts to face his destiny. Kit starts to realize what he's been told all his life - about prophecies, magic and his own place in the world - might have been entirely untrue. With his world under threat, and no one left to defend it, Kit has to make the choice: To go against what he's been told his whole life or to accept himself and fight for what he truly believes in.


    Freedom tolerates no lies.


    An LGBTQA* novel about struggling to find freedom in a fantasy world surrounded by constraints.

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    When you say you don't believe in fairies, a fairy dies. Then you have to clap your hands to bring them back to life. If you don't clap your hands fast enough, well, then it becomes the business of Mr. H. D. Thistle of 167 Oakshot Row.

    Once inside, you can view caskets made from woven willow, or you can buy an urn that encourages butterflies to take the remains of your loved one to the other realm, or if you're feeling particularly fancy, you can have your loved one pressed into a rune gem so that their magic will stay with you forever.

    Today, I want none of those options.

    Today, I'm here to interrogate my soulmate.


    When there's a series of grisly murders, Jax is sent to interrogate Henry Thistle as a potential suspect. What neither of them account for is the instant soulbond. Can Jax catch the killer? And what will he do if it turns out to be Henry?

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    Prince Leander Richard Dorian Mediean has made a huge error. Due to an ancient law and an arrogant turn of phrase, he has accidentally given up his claim to the throne to Bram, the Palace's librarian. Forced to switch roles with the new Prince Bram, and prepare him for his new role as future King before the Coronation, Leander can't help but start to feel drawn to Bram's sunny disposition despite his raging jealousy.

    But even Palace librarians have a past, and if Bram's secret gets out, it could spell trouble for the entire Kingdom. Not to mention, Leander's uncle has his eyes on the throne as well and wants to recruit Leander to get his hands on it.

    Will the arrogant prince fall in love, or will he aid his uncle and take back the throne?

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    Levi is non-binary, loves pastel shades and wears their heart on their sleeve. Vee is a committed antifascist, a punk and barely says more than five words in a sentence.


    When war comes, they are thrown together, besieged in their hometown and cut off from the outside world. Levi isn't sure what to make of the quiet, enigmatic Vee, but what they soon learn is that in the face of cruelty, the most punk action you can take is kindness. And for Vee, he starts to see that his black-and-white worldview might have to expand to take on shades of pastel.


    An LGBTQA fantasy love story featuring an NB protagonist.

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    A new BL Horror drawn by CultivatedRose and written by KR Williams.

    Luca's family has a secret, and that secret is the ghost in the attic. Every time a child with magic is born, they are sent to maintain the magical barriers on the door and to make sure that the ghost stays locked away inside.

    But being the Guardian of the Ghost is a lonely job, and Luca soon discovers that perhaps it isn't as important as everyone things to keep the ghost locked away at all...

    Artist: tapas.io/CultivatedRose

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    Will Wightman wakes up in someone else's house on Thursday 9th January with a heavy head, and no memory since New Year's Eve. What could be worse than that? It seems in the 9 days he's been unconscious, Will has slipped into an alternate world where magic is real and arguments are settled with the sword!


    Under the protection of Prince Amare, Will tries to discover what happened since New Year, all the while trying to dodge the advances of Amare and the various courtiers around the palace who all seem to have developed a fascination with Will.


    A silly LGBTQ harem style romance.

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    Artur is given to the Deep One on the eve of Imbolc, buried beneath the frozen earth in a ship-shaped casket and bound in thread. For Hild, the undertaker's daughter, it could be just any other day. But it is not. Artur was a dear friend, and his brother, Godric, seems to believe that there was something more suspicious behind Artur's sudden demise. To make things worse, Wemba, a hapless bard who has more flamboyance than talent, has managed to anger the local mobsters. The three must find out what happened to Artur and then get the hell out of Mudford Sock before they find themselves set tied to a sinking ship themselves.

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    Barcelona. Gaudi. Beaches. Sangria. And attractive barmen with eyes like marbles.


    When Kit agrees to go with his older brother to Barcelona, he doesn't expect to meet Shin, the attractive resort worker. He certainly doesn't expect to get caught up in a whirlwind holiday romance that changes his view on himself and his world.


    A fun, flirty summer novel of which the edited SFW version can be found on Wattpad.


    (The characters of Kit and Shin are from 'Freedom's Pyre' but this story can be enjoyed as a completely standalone novel.)

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    Something is stirring in Tokyo, and the monsters are increasing day by day. Subaru has had it up to the eyeballs with creatures trying to kill him. Yet his frustration isn't going to stop every creature of urban myth and legend hounding him.


    Originally 「口裂け女」and has now been translated.

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    What's in a name, you ask? EVERYTHING.


    Magda has nothing left to lose when the Wish Granter, Xander, comes to call. Left in a lonely apartment with no one in the world who will miss her, it doesn't take much demonic bargaining to get her to sign away the Deed to her name. In return, she becomes the Wish Granter's apprentice, a being with immense power to grant any human desire.


    But learning an entirely new world is difficult, and soon Magda makes a mistake that leaves herself, Xander and perhaps the whole world on the brink of disaster.

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    Noah Pigeon was taken by the faeries at midnight on a Thursday.


    Every night since the faeries got his tooth, Noah must become the servant of the Faerie Queen, doing whatever her bidding. By day, Noah has to pretend to be the average student as though nothing has changed. But everything has. Noah can see things he couldn't see before - gnomes and shucks and hobs - and he has to solve their faerie riddles to amuse them.


    To make matters worse, the Faerie Queen has put a curse on Noah. If he doesn't do exactly as she says, he will be turned into a hideous beast and taken down into the fairy barrow forever.


    There is only one thing that can break the Faerie Queen's Curse and free Noah forever - and that is to get his tooth back. But with a barrow filled with armed guards, a dragon guarding the faerie hoard and an all-seeing magic mirror guarding his tooth, that might be easier said than done. And that's without an exiled Faerie Prince trying to sabotage his every move.


    An LGBTQ+ story that delves into the darkest fairytales.

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    The Black Cinder will destroy the world, but Falchion does not busy himself with world affairs. He has two goals in life - to kill as many Strijdormians as possible and to be there whenever Isaac needs him. When news reaches Falchion of Isaac's death, it sets events in motion that lead Falchion into the dark Elsewhere on a path that could change not only Falchion's personal history, but the future of the entire world as well.


    A dark fantasy LGBT tale set in a high fantasy universe.

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    Or '129 Ways to Catch a Husband'.


    New York. 1952. Modesto Martinez has just arrived in the city, living with his aunt and uncle and ready to make the most of his new life in the USA. On the way to work, Modesto comes across a curious book: a guide that lists 129 ways to catch a husband. It lists dozens of ways to meet the man of his dreams - from making toupees to standing on a street corner with a lasso.

    Ever the optimist, Modesto decides to try some of the advice, but he doesn't expect it to actually work - or the catch the eye of the dashing and intoxicatingly cultured, James Barker.


    But it's still 1952 and the path to love isn't easy for an interracial couple even in New York.

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    When Lord Ashbridge is tasked by his dying father to decode the legend of the mysterious La Bourdon, he thinks it'll be easy.


    La Bourdon, however, has other ideas for how her story is to be told.


    Through the tales of the Sisters of the Convent of St Moirrey, he begins to weave a story of her life - but the lines of truth and fiction blur and it becomes increasingly clear that nothing in the Convent of St Moirrey is as it seems.


    La Bourdon, opera singer, swashbuckler, occasional criminal and sometimes nun, captivates him as he starts to realise that everything he knows about high society, the Empire and even the King himself, might just be a lie.


    An LGBTQA story that takes place in a fantasy realm.

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    Captain Tine Riffost is meant to be leading the voyage of a life time, but it has been snatched away from him moments before take-off. Commodore Zuro Thryoni is thorough, affable, competent and everything a good commanding officer should be.


    Tine hates him.


    As their mission takes them beyond their known galaxy, Tine has to learn to trust Zuro against the outstanding odds set against them by the universe.

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    Olly is struggling with his first crush on his best friend, Leon. What he wants is at least the chance to come out and, in his dreams, for Leon to like him back. But Leon is more interested in urban legends from an anonymous message board than he is in Olly.


    When their classmate goes missing, and a reference is made on the message board, Olly and Leon are drawn into a mystery that sends them into the darkest places of both the internet and the real world.

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    "I saw the strangest thing today. A man, a young one at that, running through the streets as naked as the day he was born."


    "Oh? Did you ask him what he was doing?"


    "No. But he kept repeating the same phrase over and over again..."


    "What was it?"


    "Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!"


    Archimedes is an adventurer, a mathematician, an inventor and, if you ask most of the residents of Syracuse, an arsehole. Rules are for other people, according to Archimedes. A chance encounter with the Princess of Syracuse however, changes the course of Archimedes life, and leads him down a more dangerous path filled with death rays, skeleton warriors, and, of course, hot baths.

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